Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year, New Improved Website!

Happy New Year!

It's -2ÂșC outside as I write this. With everything looking grey and miserable in the garden there's no better time to dust off the old website and add pictures from last year's work to the gallery.

Looking through the selected highlights it brings home how quickly the seasons change. Some of the shots from February and March last year look grim and depressing, but as soon as some of the plants get going it lifts everything. Have a look through and let me know what you think.

We've also made two significant changes to the way we do business this year. Firstly we've decided to stop offering a hard landscaping service, opting instead to recommend trusted landscapers to our customers. This decision wasn't one we made lightly, but last year we found that we were turning down design projects because we couldn't fit them in. Hard landscaping and project management is particularly time consuming, especially if the weather is against you, which it was a couple of times last year (see pic above from last summer!). We felt that we'd be better off focussing more on the design work and leave the hard landscaping headaches to someone else!

The second change is really us building on what proved to be a successful service last year - the online design service. We are very happy with the service we've developed, and now seems like the perfect time to push it forward. We didn't advertise it at all last year, except on the website. This year we will be more proactive and put some weight behind it nationally. We've added a new section to the website specifically for the online design service, including sample plans from successful projects.